MPI Greater Orlando - A World of Sponsorship Thanks!!


Now is the time in this economy to thank those who have surrounded us with their kindness, generosity and the hospitality that we all are involved in.  I have had the opportunity to serve as the Director of Sponsorship for the past year and a half.  I want to thank not only my MPI board members for the support and encouragement, but the wonderful sponsors who have given their time, talent and un-relentless effort to support Meeting Professionals International - Greater Orlando Area chapter for all they have contributed.


My ROI (Return on Involvement) has been ten fold for getting involved on a committee, and then the board.  The past few years have been, none the less, trying times for our economy, our friends, and our industry for meetings, greeting and making business matter.  Not only has the meeting industry been affected by comments, the media and the general direction of individuals, companies and conventions, but our own views of how we treat our members. 


I want to thank in whole-heartedness the IN-KIND sponsors and the true support of our Supplier Industry in the Orlando Area that has put forth an effort to maintain, support and encourage our chapter.  We have had many milestones in the past, from great national speakers, to our own home town experts giving to our chapter, not only sharing their knowledge, but the many talents they have to offer.